What is Kindle Unlimited

What is Kindle Unlimited?
Kindle Unlimited is a service in which a subscriber is entitled to read unlimited kindle books from the Kindle Store. The kindle books which are available to read for a subscriber are those kindle books which are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. Currently, Kindle Store has over one million kindle books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.


After subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, the subscriber can read unlimited kindle books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited feature. 

But he can keep up to only 10 kindle books at a time on his device. If he wants to read more than 10 kindle books he needs to return those which are already present there on his device. 

Subscriber loses the access to Kindle Unlimited books once his subscription period gets over.

How much is a Kindle Unlimited Subscription?
Monthly fees for Kindle Unlimited Subscription are as follows:

New subscribers are also entitled to Kindle Unlimited free trial in which a reader can subscribe and use this feature absolutely free for the first 30 days. The subscriber will be charged if he chooses to continue using Kindle Unlimited subscription following 30 days free trial.

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?
This depends on many factors but the main things to be considered while choosing to subscribe Kindle Unlimited are as follows:
  1. The number of kindle books a reader can read in a month
  2. The maximum amount a reader is willing to spend on the kindle books in a month

Let’s take an example.

Suppose a person reads around 10 kindle books in a month and he is willing to spend a maximum amount of US $ 20 per month. If he subscribes to Kindle Unlimited, he will have to spend only half the amount i.e. the US $9.99 and will have the access to over one million kindle books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. And he wouldn’t have to spend a single penny for the first one month thanks to Kindle Unlimited free trial.

Hence it will be feasible for that reader to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and he can opt out of this subscription whenever he chooses to do so.

Author Laxman Rao's Kindle Books  
As author Laxman Rao’s all kindle books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, you can enjoy reading all of them absolutely free after subscribing to Kindle Unlimited service. 

But if you purchase all the kindle books authored by Laxman Rao, it would cost you INR 625 (5 kindle books x Rs.125/- = Rs.625/-).  

After subscribing, your Kindle Unlimited free trial will start in which you can read author Laxman Rao’s all kindle books for free.

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